About The Work

What is Visionary Craniosacral Work?

Visionary Craniosacral work uses a gentle hands-on application. It can address the physical, spiritual and emotional body of the animal. When an animal is in a state of optimal health the cranium, spine, and sacrum are fluid. When this movement is interrupted it can create an imbalance in the body which could affect the animal’s movement and behavior. This interruption can occur from a physical or emotional trauma.

In addition, when injury or trauma occurs, the trauma can get stuck in the tissues and organs. It then will be stored in the body’s cellular memory creating blockages until released. This supremely gentle touch goes very deeply into the body to release these holding patterns. This will create space to restore openness, fluidity, balance, alignment, healing and wholeness.

What is Equine Structural Intergration?

Horses can develop long-term or deep holding patterns in the connective tissue (fascia) surrounding muscles, organs and bones that restrict movement and cause pain. Using deep hands-on bodywork, muscle tension and scarring release their hold allowing the range of motion and power to return to the rebalanced equine body. In utilizing this more deeply physical energy work, there is a sense of following the bodys innate healing mechanism, as my hands are guided to where and how they are needed. This work is very much about returning space and openness to the equine athletes, providing alignment and return to resistance-free, natural movement. Equine Structural Integration (ESI) is far more integrative than massage, which targets surface muscle groups and not an overall structural rebalancing. In other words, ESI works with the connectivity, relationship and release of holding patterns throughout the body. ESI is combined with Craniosacral Work in a 3 to 5 session series.

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