Cat Testimonials

Finn, a cat with emotional trama.

“I actually physically watched my beloved cat who had been abused by a boy transform from a traumatized, emotionally paralyzed, and frightened cat to a wide-eyed kitten playing with a ball of yarn. With Lynn’s help (remotely from Colorado to Montana) he was able to release his trauma and regain his heartspace. I feel like Lynn’s energy is a constant source of strength for my sweet cat, Finn, and for me, too.” -Katie

Lucy, a cat with compression in her neck and spine.

“Lynn has really helped my cat Lucy. She has been instrumental in keeping Lucy balanced physically and emotionally. I was able to visibly watch as Lynn worked on Lucy with distance Cranial work. Lucy was jammed in her neck and back and had trouble looking up. After her session with Lynn, Lucy showed no signs of compression in her neck and spine! Amazing! She was back to normal! With Lynn’s help, Lucy has worked through issues she’s had physically and emotionally and received the balancing work she’s needed in order to feel whole. Lynn is gentle and loving in her approach and works from her heart with knowledge and wisdom. We look forward to future work with Lynn as needed by Lucy. Thanks Lynn!!!” -JJ, Dallas, Texas