Dog Testimonials

Coda, a Great Dane, had lameness and pain from an auto accident, and chronic digestive issues.

“I first contacted Lynn Wolf two years ago after my son and I were rear-ended at a stop light. My 190 lb Great Dane, Coda, was in the car and leaning against the rear hatch when the accident occurred. It wasn’t apparent at first, but within a couple of weeks of the accident it became apparent that Coda had a spinal injury. He’s been a show dog and had perfect hips.Suddenly he was walking crooked and moving his hind leg in a rolling manner. After a visit to my regular vet, which wasn’t beneficial, I tried a chiropractor that had been recommended by several people, but this proved to be a very wrong move. It had no benefits for this poor dog at all. If anything, it made him worse.

Then I heard of Lynn and her work and I gave her a call. While talking to her on the phone I became aware that she had already started working with Coda over the phone. She had taped into his energy and already had some idea what was going on. We set up an appointment for a couple of days later.

Coda relaxed with her immediately. It’s as though he sensed why she was there. Coda’s spinal problems improved markedly after her first visit. His movement was freer and you could tell his pain had subsided. She has worked with him about three times over the past year and a half to keep his alignment from going off again. Each time it lasts longer and longer. I feel that we have finally gotten him back to where he was before the accident. And this is without further trauma in the way of examinations, x-rays, or physical manipulations. He has gained in strength and comfort. Lynn has also helped us with his dietary needs as he gets older, helping us zero in on the right food his body is asking for at this stage of his life.

I also have two cats. They were feral born in the forest and both have a wild streak. One is very untrusting…sort of a “slash first, ask questions later” type of personality. I’d had them for eight years at the time. Coda exemplifies the term “Gentle Giant” and they still didn’t trust him even after living with him for six years. While Lynn was working with Coda, the weird cat came into the room and watched. This is very unlike him. He usually hides until the “stranger” leaves. Since her first visit, there has been a very marked difference in his attitude and ability to trust. And she wasn’t even working with him. It was just her energy that he related to. His whole persona has changed since she has been working with Coda. He even shares the bed with Coda now.

Another note on the cats… Every year we travel with Coda back east to visit family. The cats have begun to take exception to this and started urinating all over the house while we were gone. I asked Lynn to have a talk with them. They told her they didn’t know why the dog got to come with us and they had to stay home. Lynn explained the distance we have to go and that they wouldn’t enjoy this. She told them that urinating around the house was inappropriate behavior and gave each one a job to do while we were gone. She gave Smudge the job of watching the windows and the house sitter said, “Boy did he ever”. He still does, by the way. Tux was given the job of keeping the house sitter company. She said he wouldn’t leave her alone. Slept with her and wrapped himself around her head and shoulders at night. We came back to a much happier home.

I am so thankful for Lynn and her wonderful work. She has made such a difference in our family. I hate to think of the pain my Great Dane would be in at this stage if she hadn’t been working with him. Thanks, Lynn.” –Knudson, Durango CO

Canto is a three year old German Shepherd that had been itching constantly since a small puppy.

“Canto is my 3 year old German Shepherd and his life has been totally transformed by Lynn’s care. From earliest puppy hood he was tormented by itchiness and was constantly chewing, scratching or gnawing at himself. My vet prescribed one medication after another to try to relieve Canto’s itching but the only result was that his immune system was dangerously weakened and he became seriously ill. By now I had changed vets and Canto was gaining health in a life free from medication, but he still itched a lot. When blood tests indicated that his problem was due to multiple allergies we began allergy shots but his response was an unbearable increase in itching. Fortunately, at that time I found out about Lynn.

Lynn was able to trace his itchiness to the presence of a viral infection, herpes, that he’d had since earliest puppy hood. With an anti-viral herbal treatment, teas and tinctures, and her own craniosacral work with him she cleansed his body of the herpes. Now that the physical cause of Canto’s itching has been removed Lynn is able to address the damage done on other levels of his being by his early disease and its mistreatment. In her sessions now with him she goes deeper into his life and soul so as to clear and free him from the blockages that prevent the balance within him needed for total healing. It is owing to Lynn’s amazing intuitive faculties that she can do this, but it requires, in Canto’s case, a lot of time and patience as well. Lynn has so much patience! Somehow she never loses sight of the goal and she will do whatever it takes, however long it may take, to work towards bringing Canto into full health and well being.

Lynn’s abilities are amazing. So also is her generosity and the love she feels for others that inspires her work. To have her as a healer is an incredible blessing for both you and your animal” -Greta Sloan, Lyons, CO

Sammy, 3 year old rescue dog with behavioral issues.

“Sammy is a 3 year old rescue dog and was very unsure of himself. He was breaking the doggie rules with wild abandon. He was begging for food at the table, chasing cats and chickens, growling or nipping people who come to visit us, stealing cat food and he took a walk off the property all by himself. After Lynn’s session with Sammy, his behavior improved immediately. With hardly any input from us, he stopped chasing the chickens and cats, as Lynn gave him the job to watch for Hawks and other predators. He’s far better about not jumping up on people, no nipping for the past few months, and seems oriented more to asking what we want him to do and then going ahead and doing that. He even greets the people when they come to our farm. He is much more sure of who he is. We are so impressed with your work.” –Jacqueline and Joseph Freeman, Equine Natural Movement, WA.

Jake, an 11 year old Wheaton Terrier, with seizures and difficulties with motor coordination.

“Jake is our Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier. He is a laid back and calm. Jake is very much our companion. He spends the day in the company of my husband, a psychologist and, during the night, on our bed. Though he is eleven years old, his behavior seems more like that of a younger dog.

September 2007, Jake experienced what we believe was his first seizure. The next day he experienced another one. We took him to his vet, who prescribed a low dosage of Phenobarbital. After Jake experienced another seizure, we had his Phenobarbital level measured, and it was found to be below the therapeutic threshold. Since we were going away for a week, we agreed to the vet’s recommendation to increase his medication. When we returned, Jake’s pet sitter told us that he had had three seizures during the week, and that evening he had two more.

On the higher dose of medication, Jake’s behavior changed markedly. His reaction to the meds was characterized by extreme lethargy, restlessness, and difficulties with motor coordination – especially in his back legs. He had marked difficulty navigating up and down the stairs, couldn’t manage to jump up on our bed, bumped into things, and his hind legs slipped on our hardwood floors.

We were at a loss – we didn’t want to increase his medication again. But we also knew he was suffering. Then I sought help from Lynn in January 2008.

Jake had his first session with Lynn. It’s unbelievable – our Jake is back! He’s like a puppy – post intervention by Lynn his energy level has increased dramatically. He seems very much his old self. His problems with motor coordination have disappeared. He now leaps up on our bed with ease, navigates up and down the stairs with gusto. Chases the squirrels. His appetite is hearty again. His restlessness has decreased significantly. It’s truly beyond belief!” -Sandy and Bruce, PA

Luna, Golden Retriever with injury and lameness

“Luna, our dog, was unable to get up when I arrived home. After the session with you, we went to bed. In the middle of the night, Luna got up by herself (she could not do this before I called you) checked in on the girls then went back to sleep by my bed. In the morning she was perfect. We skipped our morning walk in favor of a later morning hike and swim. She was amazing. Better than new. Thank you so much. I was so worried and did not know what to do. You are truly a gift.” -Cindy and Luna, New York

Sizzle, Austrailian Shepherd with physical injury and lameness.

“Your remote session with Sizzle was nothing short of amazing! She had tumbled head over heels the afternoon before, and by the next morning she wouldn’t put any weight on her left front leg and couldn’t/wouldn’t walk. I carried her outside but couldn’t even get her to relieve herself because her bottom kept slowly sinking to the ground, and then she would just lie down. Because I have seen how Sizzle responds to craniosacral work, I could pretty much tell when you started working on her and when you stopped.

Your phone call to me (just a minute or two later) explaining what you found while working on her made total sense. But what thrilled me was when about 20 minutes later she got up, walked outside, relieved herself, shook her whole body out, walked back into the house and wiggled her butt at my husband in greeting. His response was: ‘That is a miracle’! Our Aussie girl had gone from unable to move — to walking around almost as though nothing had happened. Thank you… I am very grateful… your work is awesome!” -Lynne Fickett Sizzle, Bayfield, CO