Session Descriptions

Horse Sessions

You will see noticeable responses and changes in your horse during a single session. Signs of a horse releasing during a session may be licking and chewing, yawning, softening of the eyes and ears, twitching of muscles, subtle unwinding of the neck, among others. I work with your horses own healing mechanism, listening for areas of restriction deep in the bones, connective tissue and the central nervous system. There is no manipulation of any bones, though it is not uncommon for horses to self-adjust as the surrounding tissues soften. Individual conditions, both physical and behavioral, are addressed holistically in each hour and a half session. The horse will be balanced physically and energetically after a session, with relaxation and greater freedom of movement.

Small Animal Sessions

Dogs, cats and other small animals find a comfortable place to settle and tune into the session, often falling asleep. However, this sleep state is a very deep healing place. At the close of the session they may feel more playful and move with greater freedom, as they are returned to wholeness and healing, or they may need to find a quiet place to be alone and process. Healing continues to take place over the next 24 hours.

Remote Sessions

Remote sessions provide healing to any animal for which I cannot be present for an onsite session, living a long distance away. In preparation for a remote session, there is an initial phone call in which we exchange information about your animal. A time for the session is set and it is only necessary that the animal be allowed a place free from distraction during the work, which generally takes 1 1/2 hours. Remote sessions do not occur on the phone and your presence is not necessary, though it is interesting to observe. A follow-up e-mail or phone call provides a detailed summary of the session. All the deep healing work that occurs onsite occurs in remote sessions, including release from physical injury and trauma. It would be my pleasure to discuss this work in more detail and/or visit remote session testimonials.

Human Client Sessions

As available upon request, this is a combination of craniosacral work and shamanic healing. Sessions address physical imbalance of the bones, soft tissue, organs, glands, nervous system due to illness, disease, trauma, injury, emotional, relationship or spiritual/energetic origin. Existing and stuck patterns are released so a new way of being can unfold. This often requires a commitment to the healing process. Sessions generally run for 2 hours and are available on-site or remote, both being as powerful. Initial session is $175.00 USD and follow-up $150.00 USD.

Disclaimer: Techniques used in a session are intended to enhance the animal’s healing process and do not replace the traditional veterinary healthcare, diagnosis or treatment, and instead strive to bridge holistic animal healthcare with traditional veterinary medicine.