Lynn WolfWelcome to Animals In Balance. It is the intent of this work to bring your animals back into physical and spiritual balance. Where there is injury, illness and trauma, this work allows for the release. Utilizing various forms of visionary energy medicine, including craniosacral work and the inherent healing mechanism of the animals, wholeness is returned to small and large animals.

Please explore this website, taking a few moments to read about the depth of this sacred healing work and the profound experiences of animals written in the testimonials.

What Conditions Benefit From This Work?

• Inflammation & pain; resistance to movement
• Hind end injuries & lameness; pelvic imbalance
• Emotional trauma, behavioral issues, stress issues
• Illness & toxicity
• Cancer, tumors, & seizures
• Spinal conditions; hip displasia
• Head injuries & traumas; post equine dental work
• TMJ disfunction, cribbing, head shaking
• Preparation for passing
• and many more!

Disclaimer: Techniques used in a session are intended to enhance the animal's healing process and do not replace the veterinary healthcare, diagnosis or treatment, and instead strive to bridge holistic animal healthcare with traditional veterinary medicine.

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