Restoring Balance With Visionary Craniosacral Work

Craniosacral Work addresses the physical, spiritual, and emotional body. In a state of optimal health, the bones of the cranium, along with the spine and sacrum, move in a subtle rhythmic wave. This movement can be interrupted which creates an imbalance in the body, affecting movement, fluidity, and tension.

This interruption can occur when physical or emotional trauma cause any of the bones throughout the body or cranium to become restricted or compressed, each one affecting the other. In addition, when injury or trauma occurs, it also gets lodged in the tissues and organs and is stored in the cellular memory creating blockages until released. This supremely gentle touch goes very deeply into the body to release these holding patterns, creating space to restore openness, fluidity, balance, alignment, healing and wholeness.

What Conditions Benefit From This Work?


  • Inflammation & pain; resistance to movement
  • Hind end injuries & lameness; pelvic imbalance
  • Emotional trauma, behavioral issues, stress issues
  • Illness & toxicity
  • Cancer, tumors, & seizures
  • Spinal conditions; hip displasia
  • Head injuries & traumas; post equine dental work
  • TMJ disfunction, cribbing, head shaking
  • Preparation for passing
  • and many more!


  • Injuries & misalignments
  • Emotional trauma & PTSD
  • Inflammation & pain; resistance to movement
  • Energetic blocks
  • Stress issues
  • Healing relationships
  • Origins of disease
  • Calming & healing the nervous system
  • Spiritual expansion, heart opening, & wisdom teachings

Disclaimer: Techniques used in a session are intended to enhance the animal’s healing process and do not replace the veterinary healthcare, diagnosis or treatment, and instead strive to bridge holistic animal healthcare with traditional veterinary medicine

Hi Lynn, Wasn’t yesterday the most amazing session ever we’ve had? You lifted the blanket of grief off, your healing was so deep, and I feel totally different… How could I not feel an always present gratitude in the very depths of my being? – Beyond all grief. You’ve also opened the way more deeply into my heart and self and with it comes stronger feet to make the journey … and wings to meet that wind… MUCH LOVE. Read more testimonials >>