About Lynn

Lynn Wolf

Lynn Wolf is gifted in bringing wholeness and healing to animals through various energy medicine modalities. She has received extensive training in visionary craniosacral work, both for animals and humans. In addition, she is both certified in equine structural integration and equine massage. Her training and work also include shamanic visionary and healing techniques, Healing Touch for Animals®, and animal communication. In addition she has traveled extensively to Peru for training and working with the mountain medicine people. She is assisted with the healing wisdom of flower essences, plant medicines, homeopathy, aromatherapy and stones. Her years of training amount to over 1,200 hours in energy medicine, with 600 of those hours in craniosacral work. This sacred work brings profound and rapid healing to both large and small animals in all their diverse forms. On-site and remote sessions are available. Her practice includes clients from all over the world. She has a deep love for animals and lives in Durango, CO with her three horses and her two German Shepherd dogs.


  • Equine CranioSacral Workshops Level 5, Equine CranioSacral Work
  • Equine Natural Movement 300 hour certification, Equine structural integration
  • Healing Touch for Animals Level 4, Energy medicine for dogs and horses
  • Shaman’s Light CranioSacral Work and Shamanic Initiation and Practice
  • The Four Winds Shamanic practice
  • Western Montana School of Equine Massage Certified practitioner, Equine Massage

Independent Course Work

  • Equine CranioSacral
  • Human CranioSacral
  • Equine Structural Integration
  • Equine Massage
  • Reike Healing Touch for Animals
  • Andean shamanic training and initiation