How To Schedule A Session

Call or e-mail Lynn to set up a time for an initial intake of information and a session. Both on-site, at your home or barn, and remote sessions are available.

Rates And Payment Options

Animal Sessions

Initial Session for first animal
$175.00 USD

Includes phone consult and intake, 1 1/2 to 2 hour session, and follow-up contact. This is a complete full healing of physical, emotional trauma and return to wholeness. A dietary or supplement plan will be laid out if appropriate.

Follow Up Session
$150.00 USD
It the most commonly booked session for animals that I have worked with prior. It is for animals that have acute injury, illness or trauma. It is long enough for deep work and powerful transformation. It is recommended for a follow-up session for first time clients. This is often the session where the deepest or “origin” piece is released and healed. Also it will allow the exploration of remedies and diet.

Human Sessions

Initial Human Session

This is a combination of craniosacral work and shamanic healing. Sessions address physical imbalance of the bones, soft tissue, organs, glands, nervous system due to illness, disease, trauma, injury, emotional, relationship or spiritual/energetic origin. Existing and stuck patterns are released so a new way of being can unfold, allowing powerful transformation.

New sessions include a 30 minute intake prior to the session day. Sessions generally run for 2 hours and are available on-site or remote, both being as powerful.

Follow-up sessions are $175.00 USD.

For local, on-site work, an additional fee may be applied for travel, though this fee will be waved for two or more animals booked at a single location. I will continue to leave a few sessions open each week for urgent need.)

I accept checks, credit cards (VISA, MASTER CHARGE, and DISCOVER) or cash in exchange for my service.