Working with Grief
Wasn’t yesterday the most amazing session ever we’ve had? You lifted the blanket of grief off, your healing was so deep, and I feel totally different… How could I not feel an always present gratitude in the very depths of my being? – Beyond all grief. You’ve also opened the way more deeply into my heart and self and with it comes stronger feet to make the journey…and wings to meet that wind… MUCH LOVE

Medical Conditions
All I have to say is I love you , I love you, I love you! This afternoon when Jeff and I came home we thought we might end up in the emergency room. She was in bad shape.  I had called the internist and she wanted her to come in for tests tomorrow or go to the ER.  Then I asked Jenna if I should get in touch with you.  She said yes and I immediately called not thinking you would answer. Best call I ever made!  It is now 9:49 pm my time and Jenna cannot stop smiling. We went for ice cream as you suggested (the three of us). Thank you sooo much.  Your work is worth its weight in gold!  As you know now she is a very special human being with a great deal of talent.

Jenna will not take anymore meds and she can go to work. We are all extremely grateful. You have truly touched our lives. Crystal and now Jenna. As I hold back tears of joy I say bless you Lynn.

Feeling Peaceful
Such amazing gifts from you and Bob – of love and of the freedom of release, and an understanding of purpose that is no purpose in the old sense of it. I am resting in new and love filled energy. With inexpressible thanks to you.

What an amazing time together that was for me yesterday. I feel lifted by you into a higher and purer place, and even if the world will not always seem so beautiful and tender I’ll have a clearer idea of how to find again my way into this sacred space. I cannot thank you anywhere nearly as deeply as I feel and wish to…